In North America we use single-stream recycling method. You put recyclable into blue bin and then it gets sorted in sorting facilities intro categories. But often we put wrong things into blue bin which may ‘contaminate’ the whole recycling batch. Which will lead to the whole truck of recyclables just sent to landfill.

So, what are the things we should NOT send to the blue recycling bin?

  1. Soiled Food Wrappers
  2. Disposable paper cups
  3. Pizza boxes
  4. Wax coasted take out boxes
  5. Oily plastic containers
  6. Used Napkins and Paper Towels
  7. Plastic Utensils
  8. Plastic Straws
  9. Styrofoam
  10. Plastic bags
  11. Plastic food packaging
  12. Chips & snacks bags
  13. Plastic flower pots & garden hoses
  14. Rubber gloves & rubber bands
  15. Any electronics, including batteries and light bulbs
  16. Broken glassware or ceramics
  17. Aluminum foil & alu containers
  18. Diapers or feminine products
  19. Items with mixed materials

Watch this video for more explanation about why these things can’t be recycled and what are the alternatives.