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Hi, my name is Stella. I am the author of this blog as well as youtube channel 'Is it sustainable'. I believe that we should all try to be more sustainable, but in order to do so, we should be more educated about the topic. On my blog I am trying to figure out sustainable habits for everyday.
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It’s time to Opt-time from Junk Mail!

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ecosia green search engine

Is Ecosia Legit? Green search engine that plants trees.

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aluminum sustainable materials

How sustainable is aluminum?

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My reasons to buy Less

Should we all reconsider consumerism? In this video, I am sharing my minimalist’s principles of why I choose to buy less. I explain why anti-consumerism is not

What can be composted?

🔆 Download composting checklist What can and cannot be put into the composting bin? Let me share with you a detailed list of all the items that